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Family Membership


There are different levels of family membership in the Rush County Historical Society, which begins with your annual contribution of $25 or more. 


Society family membership offers discounts, gifts, and invitations to members only events.


William B. Laughlin was the founding father of Rushville who donated 75 acres of land that would become Rushville, the county seat.

Laughlin Family Level $25 - Subscription to quarterly newsletter                                     & discounts on programming fees.



Sarah Newby was from an early Ripley Township Quaker family whose home was on the underground railroad. Upon her death, Sarah donated her pesonal property to the Historical Society. Proceeds from the sale of her farm provided an endownment for the Society.

Newby Family Level $50 - Subscription to newsletter & discounts on pro-

                   gramming fee.

Arnold Family Level $100 - All of the above plus one complimentary ticket                         to the annual fall memberhip dinner.


Dr. John Arnold was the first settler to purchase land in what would become Rush County. He also developed and chronicled the early history of the county.


Gowdy Family Level $250All of the prior level benefits plus two

                  complimentary tickets to the annual fall and spring

                  membership dinners.

John Gowdy was appointed by President McKinley to serve as Consul-General to Paris. The Gowdy house was donated and became the home of The Rush County Museum and Historical Society.

Kennedy Family Level $350 -  All prior level benefits plus two

                 complimentary tickets to the annual fall and spring

                 membership dinners.

The Kennedy family of bridge builders lived, died, and are buried in Rush County.  The Kennedy family constructed more than 50 bridges throughout the Midwest.  Six original and/or rebuilt Kennedy bridges remain in Rush County.  

Willkie Family Level $500 - All prior level subscriptions, invitations and                 dinner tickets


Wendell L. Willkie was the Republican dark horse candidate for President in 1940. Willkie named Rushville as his national campaign headquarters.


Please provide the following information along with your check in the desired family participation level amount. Click Here to download a PDF of the form below.  Your check should be made payable to the Rush County Historical Society. Send to:    


                            Rush County Historical Society Museum
                                             PO Box 302
                                     Rushville, Indiana 46173


Name: ________________________________________________________      [    ]  Laughlin Family Level $25               [    ]  Gowdy Family Level     $250


Address:______________________________________________________       [    ]  Newby Family Level  $50                 [    ]  Kennedy Family Level  $350


City: _________________________ State: ______ Zip:  ________________       [    ]  Arnold Family Level $100                [    ]  Willkie Family Level      $500


Phone: ( ____) _____ - _______ E-mail: _____________________________



The Rush County Historical Society is a 501(c)3 organization and all gifts are deductible in the United States as allowed by law

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