As we prepare to celebrate the Bicentennial, there is so much history that brought us to where  we are today.  Rush County Historian, John D. Wilson, will share (over the next few months) a brief history of  the people and places that give foundation to the  early days of Rush County.  "Come - be a part of history!"  All copy/photo's are property of the Rush County Historical Society.

1.  Our first article will take you back to 1830 and sets the tone for claiming land in

     Rush County.  To read more, just Click Here.   (June 2020)

2.  Our second installment takes you on a journey about what is required of you as a pioneer in Rush

     County.  To read more just Click Here.  (July 2020)

3.  Our third article will introduce you to the "Father of Rush County."  To read more

      just Click Here (August 2020)

4.  Our fourth article highlights the history of prior pandemic/illness as it unfolded in Rush County.

     Quite timely based on where we are today - just Click Here (September 2020)

5.  The fifth installment leading up to our Bicentennial deal with Taxes, Taverns,

      and Jails.  To read more, Click Here. (October 2020)

6.  The sixth article begs the question - did hogs play a part in our history?  You can find out by

      by Clicking Here. (November 2020)

7.  The seventh article looks at how public opinion has affected our history.  To 

      read this timely article just Click Here. (December 2020)

8.  Our eighth story tells us of what some have called the "Titanic of the Civil War."  To learn

     more about the meaning and power of this story please Click Here (January 2021)

9.  The ninth article urges you to "never look a gift horse in the mouth." 

      Want to know more about what that saying has to do with the history

      of Rush County?  To  read more just Click Here. (February 2021)      

10.  Everyone needs a home.  In article ten we find out how a very special town hosted child-

       ren in need and served as a much needed home through the years.  Click Here (March

      2021) to read more.

11.  Rush County has a rich history that touches all aspects of our lives. 

       From covered bridges to airplanes, we find many connections. To learn

       more read the "Wright Stuff" Click Here (April 2021) to read more

12. The aviation adventure continues in article twelve.  History makes it way through Rush 

      County and takes flight in new and different ways.  To read more Click Here (May 2021)

13.  What would Rush County be without mentioning covered bridges?  

        Follow us as we catch up with the Kennedy brothers and their bridge

        building skills.  To read more Click Here (June 2021)

14.  Summer months mean County Fair time!  The stories of animals shown, 4-H projects, and

       rides ridden are just some of the many memories.  Click Here to read more (July 2021)

15.  Unique groups, prominent figures, and significant honors tell the story of

       Rush County.  To read more about "The Judge, The Clan, The Sagamore"

       just Click Here.

16.  If walls could talk, this building could tell stories for quite a while.  Here's just a glimpse

       of the history and events that mean so much to Memorial Gym.  To read all about it

       Click Here (Sept 2021)

17.  Our horse history continues with "Noble and Worthy." Standardbred 

       horses dominated Rush County tracks.  To read more Click Here

       (Oct 2021)


18. All of us have stories to tell. But if you want to hear what life was like in Rush County, you'll

      want to read "A Conversation With Mabel."  Click Here to hear her words.

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